Habit EngineeringSM — Deep Dive into HCP Beliefs and Behaviors for Targeted Therapies in Gynecologic Oncology

The Foundation for Women’s Cancer estimates over 33,000 will die from a gynecologic cancer in 2021, and every five minutes, someone will be diagnosed with one of these cancers1 . ThinkGen’s pharmaceutical client was seeking in-depth knowledge of oncologists’ habits and practices surrounding its “Brand X,” specifically, the drivers behind the use and non-use of targeted therapies for a leading gynecologic cancer. In this case, the client needed to understand oncologists’ mindset regarding the value and use of maintenance therapy:

• What drives some oncologists to initiate maintenance therapy widely versus others to largely rely on active surveillance post treatment?

• Among supporters of maintenance therapy, how do they select among brands with highly similar efficacy and safety profiles within a class?

• What drives some users to be loyal to one brand, versus others who “rotate” among available brands?

The client sought to identify specific cues, beliefs, and behaviors behind habitual users of Brand X, versus those who use of Brand X more sparingly. By comparing specific components within ThinkGen’s Habit EngineeringSM cycle between habitual users, selective users, and non-users, the client can identify key similarities and differences that yielded different habit profiles. The ultimate goal is to develop a marketing plan that will enable current non-users and selective users of Brand X to become more like current habitual users. The goal of this research was to inform the brand team on acquisition and retention strategies in order to shore up and expand Brand X’s market share. It will also help the brand team prepare for forthcoming additional indications.

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